Section [ Chapter X Audit and Auditors ] Notification Date
139 Appointment of Auditors 01/04/2014
140 Removal, Resignation of Auditor and Giving of Special Notice 01/04/2014
141 Eligibility, Qualifications and Disqualifications of Auditors 01/04/2014
142 Remuneration of Auditors 01/04/2014
143 Powers and Duties of Auditors and Auditing Standards 01/04/2014
144 Auditor not to Render Certain Services 01/04/2014
145 Auditor to Sign Audit Reports, etc. 01/04/2014
146 Auditors to Attend General Meeting 01/04/2014
147 Punishment for Contravention 01/04/2014
148 Central Government to Specify Audit of Items of Cost in Respect of Certain Companies 01/04/2014

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