Section [ Chapter XIX Revival and Rehabilitation of Sick Companies ] Notification Date
253 Determination of Sickness Omitted
254 Application for Revival and Rehabilitation Omitted
255 Exclusion of Certain Time in Computing Period of Limitation Omitted
256 Appointment of Interim Administrator Omitted
257 Committee of Creditors Omitted
258 Order of Tribunal Omitted
259 Appointment of Administrator Omitted
260 Powers and Duties of Company Administrator Omitted
261 Scheme of Revival and Rehabilitation Omitted
262 Sanction of Scheme Omitted
263 Scheme to be Binding Omitted
264 Implementation of Scheme Omitted
265 Winding Up of Company on Report of Company Administrator Omitted
266 Power of Tribunal to Assess Damages Against Delinquent Directors, etc. Omitted
267 Punishment for Certain Offences Omitted
268 Bar of Jurisdiction Omitted
269 Rehabilitation and Insolvency Fund Omitted