Hey Folks!! It’s always been so great and wonderful while writing for our Profession or Professionals with a good thought of educating or helping each other just to add value to each other’s life by sharing some view based upon experience. I hope you would agree to the thoughts or point that I am going to share further in this article.

Being a CS in practice is always remind me to my Corporate Social Responsibility that one should complete towards each other or for society.

We all know about the last minute pressure regarding uploading on MCA site so here are few strategies or best practices that we can use to minimize the workload and also safe ourselves & clients from unnecessary penalties:

  1. Convince your clients to provide data as early as they can so it’s easy to complete and upload forms. That requires continuous follow up with clients either on phone or mails or reminder messages.
  1. Delegation of work in an important part of any business or practice to nourish multi-folds. In order to be successful in Practice its always required &beneficial to have a proper team of Professional Staff or Trainee Staff, so that the work can be divided in to two part one will work for forming or feeding of forms and another works only for uploading the same after your final checking of forms/consent.
  2. On the last date of filling try not feed any form after 7:00 pm if you already have too many form to be uploaded.
  3. For earlier point implementation you have to prepare a checklist of to be uploaded forms so that pending forms can be easy assessable.
  1. Continuously update the clients about the last dates of filing of returns and forms and ask them data on official mail with a disclaimer that in case of any delay there must be clarity of thought who will be bearing the penalty pain.
  2. Educate the clients about the latest business practices that he or she can follow in order to save time.