Delegation by Central Governemnt of its Powers and Functions.

 Notified Date of Section: 12/09/2013

458. (1) The Central Government may, by notification, and subject to such conditions, limitations and restrictions as may be specified therein, delegate any of its powers or functions under this Act other than the power to make rules to such authority or officer as may be specified in the notification:


(2) A copy of every notification issued under sub-section (1)shall, as soon as may be after it is issued, be laid before each House of Parliament.


1.Omitted by the Companies (Amendment )Act,2017 :- Amendment effective from 9th february 2018

Original Omitted Content:-Provided that the powers to enforce the provisions contained in section 194 and section 195 relating to forward dealing and insider trading shall be delegated to Securities and Exchange Board for listed companies or the companies which intend to get their securities listed and in such case, any officer authorised by the Securities and Exchange Board shall have the power to file a complaint in the court of competent jurisdiction.

Notification under Section 458

1.Notification Dated 14th October 2019